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Reports of Reputation of Spanish Companies

What do they include our reports?. You can purchase a complete report or a module or part of it, all depends on your interest.

  • Module RO – Rip-off Report. This includes all data that we can find of scams, complaints, lawsuits of the company in the courts of the area of the company, but also in the courts of the areas of its major costumers or suppliers (Chapters 11, workers claims, governments auctions). Price: 200-500€.

  • Module RD – Research and development. We look for, if possible, the current patents, licenses and investigations that the company is doing and its level and capacity of investigation. We follow the Frascatti Manual to make the interview with the management of the company. We compare the results with the European Scoreboard. Price: 700-1.300€.

  • Module CA – Competitive advantage. We follow the Michael Porter criteria to make the interview with the management of the company to know its position and attitude in front of customers, suppliers and competitors. We manage necessary data to know the position in the market. Price: 700-1.300€.

  • Module CR – Consumer Reputation or the view of the consumer in front our brand or product. Usually done using surveys. Price: depends on the type of survey and the universe to study.

  • Module FS – Financial Status. It is a Statement Analysis to evaluate the Financial Risks of the company, using financial ratios and indicators. Debt, Liabilities, Turnover, Rotation, Margins, Profitability, Equity. Price: 300-800€.

  • Module GM – General Management. It is an Statement Analysis to evaluate the Potential and good business skills of the management to make the company grow.  It is a study of the cash flow evolution, and the Margin evolution. Price: 200-500€.

  • Module SG – Scuttlebut and Gossip. Following Philip Fisher criteria, through an investigation done with personal interviews, a number of sufficient people involved in the sector is interviewed and is done an analysis of the characteristics that give value to the company. Our questions try to find out: Products and Services with growth potential. Determining the management of the company to create new products and processes that help maintain and increase sales. Effectiveness of R & D. Size of the sales department. Ratio of the profit and how the company try to keep them. Personal relations between executives of the Company.  Analysis system used for accounting. What are the actions the company does to differentiate itself of its competitors. Profits are for short or long-term. Financing needs of the company. Old negative episodes of the company. Price: 700 – 1.500€.

  • Module CV – Company Value. It is analyzed the value of the company using different criteria: Book value, P/E, Cash Flow, P/G, Ebitda, Real asset value (a taxation must be done, not included in price), Envy Ratio, Goodwill, Actual value of future value earnings, Terminal Value. Price: 300-700€.

  • Module ER – Environment Risk of the firm. We ask to local administrations, regional governments and official institutions if the company and its activity has legal environment obligations. We research for the environment risk of its productions processes. Price: 200 – 400€.

  • Module CG - Corporate government. Tips of administration: composition, shareholders, movements of shares. Investigations of origin of the cash for the purchase of shares. Parallel activities of counselors. Price: 300 – 500€.
  • All prices show the interval that usually is charged, and are given to have an orientation, so a quotation of the bid of the service must be calculated. All prices include all actions and payment of all data needed to fill the reports.

    An agreement of confidentiality can be signed with a contract if the contractor does not want to be known in no moment.

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If you want to know us, you can inspect our web page done for our local costumers that is translated automatically in different languages through goggle translator (so you might see some dysfunctions).

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